Thursday, September 13, 2007

These are a few of my favorite mommy things...

There is so much baby gear out there, but this is my list of favorite mommy things....

1. My Maclaren Twin Techno-I couldn't live without this when going to stores, museums, parks, etc. And I also have it in the Clemson Orange color!

2. Boudreaux's Butt Paste -this stuff gets rid of diaper rash like no other. Plus, it smells good too!

3. Skip Hop Pronto-this wipes and dipes holder plus changing pad fits right in my bag for easy access to diaper changes.

4. Baby Jogger Q Series Triple Jogging Stroller-because somedays (like today) I wouldn't have left the house without this. Like I've said before this "machine" is the only way to take all three kids on a power-walk in the neighborhood.
5. Honda Odyssey Minivan-not really a baby "item", but it really is the only way to get around with 3 small children!

6 and 7. A glass of Fat Bastard Wine and an US Weekly-because at the end of the day-we moms all need to treat ourselves!


Amy said...

Love that diaper changing thingie...That is super cool!

slacker mama said...

I have stroller envy. I wanted an orange stroller sooooo bad and could never convice John of the need for one.

And, now I'm going to have to get the Pronto! With only one in diapers, that might come in handy!