Sunday, September 9, 2007

Come Back Jack!

My sweet little Jack is crawling already-now I know that 6 months is not too early to crawl, but big brother Harrison crawled at 9 months, so I guess I was expecting the same for the twins. Not so much! Jack is all over the place, he's so little and can get places pretty quick. Brady (the bigger twin) is not ready to crawl yet, which is fine by me. It's so funny-with Harrison I was in such a hurry for him to do everything, now I wish it would slow down. I'm not ready for them to be crawling now-this is when it will really be DOUBLE TROUBLE!

So, here's the question I pose for readers out there. I used to make fun of people who owned those "kiddie jails", now I may be the proud owner of one to keep the boys safe and contained. What do you think of these?


Jenn said...

Not such a horrible idea. I was reminiscing about Jake's phase when he was infatuated with the toilet. I don't ever want to go through that again.

slacker mama said...

E would say, "Hey, Brady and Jack are trapped in a net!"

My only concern would be finding a place to put it in the house. Could you gate off a room instead?

Dena said...

I LOVE them - I mean really it's better than a pack n play! they can't get hurt and they can't get into anything - some toys and you are good to go! I wouldn't leave them there to go to the store (until you've tested it out) hahahaha!

( I have also never used one so - I don't have the room - that thing is bigger than my house!)

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I would definitely think long and hard about it...maybe try the pack and play in the interim, just as an immediate option. I am considering my options too, since this morning G has started to pull up and was using a cord (!) for my in-laws cable to stay stable.

BTW, one of my friends in our old neighborhood had an octagon shaped pack and play by Graco (I think) that collapsed but was bigger than a regular P&P. She used it for play time so she could take a shower. I think it was called a Graco Sport?