Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my son, the great procrastinator!

I had to post this sweet picture of Harrison...he was about the age the twins are now and it made me smile.....I still remember this day. It was a cold March morning and he had tried blueberries for the first time and LOVED them! I'm so lucky that I get to stay home with him and the boys (I treasure these days!)Anyway, our sweet little boy has become quite the little game player lately. After we put the twins to bed at night we usually go outside to play for a while before it's time for bath, books and bed. Harrison dislikes coming inside to get ready for bed and will usually prolong the event by asking for a drink of water. Then it's off to bath, he wants to stay in the tub until he's all wrinkly and will protest getting out....last night he was trying to prolong things further by playing the "kissing game". While I was putting his pj's on, he kept saying, "mommy, I kiss you" or "daddy, I kiss you" or "mommy, I kiss your eyes, ears, nose," etc, you get the drift. He then tries to sneak in a 3rd book (even though we usually read two books). When it was finally time to tuck him in, he kept trying to give "kisses". "I kiss you goodnight, mommy", "again", "more kisses, mommy" he says. That boy is too smart for his own good! He knows mommy is not going to turn down kisses-which is why he has become the great procrastinator!

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