Friday, August 29, 2008

4 years ago today....

you blessed us with your entrance into this world. WOW, how long we waited to hold you and meet you. You have brought us so much happiness sweet boy! You are the family comedian, always trying to make us and your brothers laugh. Your laugh and smile are infectious! You have taught me a big lesson in your life so far...just wait and give things time. You are always doing things on your terms and now I know that is just your personality. You took a bottle when you were finally ready...even though you were 9 months old! You talked when you were's so hard to believe I was actually concerned about your language. Now you talk all the time and have so many questions about this world we live in. Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back and wish you the best 4th birthday ever....and also wish you the best first day of 4K! Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy, Brady and Jack too! Here you are through the years....1....2....3....4!!! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last few days of summer...

I can't believe the last few days of summer are here. It really did fly by. We had a great summer playing with friends, going to the pool, parks, etc...just hanging out! Now in a few days Harrison will turn 4 and school starts on Thursday! Pretty soon we'll be back in the grind with Harrison going to school every day. We've been busy just getting ready for the big 4th birthday. His party is actually the first weekend in September since the place we are having it was booked for this coming weekend. He will be having a pirate-themed party with mostly all boys! All he's asking for his birthday is a scooter. We decided to get the Razor one, but it seems so big-boyish. How did my baby become a big boy in front of my eyes? We had to be creative in telling the grandparents what to get him because all he'll say is a scooter. He will be playing soccer this fall, so we'll get him some things to go with that. I can't wait to see him in his cleats, shin guards and uniform. It's so hard to believe that 4 years ago this week I was 55 lbs heavier, extremely swollen and about to give birth to one of the sweetest boys I know. Now 4 years later I have 3 sweet little boys. Here are some pictures from our latest excursion to the park. This park is one of Harrison's favorites because it's a big pirate ship...Ahoy matey!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crescent Moon Photography is open for business!

If you are in the Charleston, SC area Crescent Moon Photography is officially open for business. My partner and friend Blakely and I have been busy working on it to get it launched and are pleased with it. For those of you who don't know, the S.C. flag has a crescent moon on it, hence the name of the business. We South Carolinians have a lot of state pride (as do the Texans) and are proud of our state look around and let me know your thoughts. I'd love any feedback. We're hoping to be starting a business blog that will attach to our site as well. So check back often! If you're in the area or visiting, we'd love to take photos of your family.

So, in case you're wondering this is what I've been up to..between this, facebook (it's so addictive), Dan's birthday, him being off, planning Harrison's party, getting ready for preschool, soccer, Brady's physical therapy,'s been a zoo. Then again, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been MIA...

I know it's been a while...we were so busy last week with Dan being home on his 'staycation' all week. It was nice having him home. We had a great date night out at the Hootie & the Blowfish concert on Friday night. I still love me some Hootie! They did not disappoint!!! I have so much to share, but I'll leave with you with our latest family picture and report back soon...

Friday, August 8, 2008

New kicks and a new biz...

Last month I was in severe calf pain from running. I pretty much cut my running in half last month because it was too difficult to run. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I kept stretching, icing, resting...I even took up biking. I like biking, but it doesn't burn near the calories that running does. My last ditch effort was to get new shoes....well, guess what? It was the shoes. My calf is now completely better. My shoes were near the end of their life at 300 miles, so I didn't even think that they could actually cause pain. My calf is so much better and I have "OFFICIALLY" started training for the marathon. I am so excited, nervous, scared wrapped up in one!! Here are the shoes I got: the ASICS 2310's

On other notes...I've been super busy this week getting ready to get the photography business running with my partner. We are meeting next week and will hopefully get started on the website, pricing and various other things. I will keep you posted when the website launches. If any of you are planning on being in the Charleston area anytime, please look us up if you are interested in doing a shoot!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girl time in the 'Ville '08

The girls and I had such a great weekend. It's always a great time when it seems like you never left each other. We also got to meet J's baby girl for the first time....she is so adorable. We went out to lunch, we walked around, we drank wine, I ran 3 miles with C after drinking 2 glasses of wine...wouldn't recommend that one! We did Chinese take-out and talked and talked and talked. On Sunday I did a photo shoot of R in Falls Park downtown Greenville, which ended up being a beautiful location. We also went to Blue Ridge Brewing Co. for brunch (which is my all time favorite meal) and get this, complimentary mimosa's. That's right, FREE! The crab benedict was incredible! Greenville is the cutest city. They have done so much to the downtown area, it makes me ALMOST want to live there....except I'd miss the beach. Next year, the girls will head to A's house in Athens, GA because her little boy will be around 9 months old this time next year...she's due in Dec. Here is a pic of me, A, and J with her little one (C had already gone back to Richmond, VA) and a sweet pic of R from the shoot. It went by way too fast...can't wait for next year!!!

A, J and baby R, me

Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls Weekend!

I can't wait for my girls weekend! I leave tomorrow morning for Greenville where my friend J lives. Rumor has it we are eating lunch in Clemson!!! It will be nice to catch up with A, J and C. A is pregnant with her first child (a boy!!!) so she is the lucky recipient of boy clothes. I've been cleaning out closets...I can't wait to meet J's sweet little girl Riley for the first time. She was born in Feb. Here's a picture of us from last year's girl's weekend at my house (we meet every year during the summer). Wow! I've lost 15 pounds since this pic was taken and my hair is A LOT shorter. I'll be sure to take some of us over the weekend. I'm doing a photo shoot of Baby Riley as well.

J, me, A, and C this time last year