Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girl time in the 'Ville '08

The girls and I had such a great weekend. It's always a great time when it seems like you never left each other. We also got to meet J's baby girl for the first time....she is so adorable. We went out to lunch, we walked around, we drank wine, I ran 3 miles with C after drinking 2 glasses of wine...wouldn't recommend that one! We did Chinese take-out and talked and talked and talked. On Sunday I did a photo shoot of R in Falls Park downtown Greenville, which ended up being a beautiful location. We also went to Blue Ridge Brewing Co. for brunch (which is my all time favorite meal) and get this, complimentary mimosa's. That's right, FREE! The crab benedict was incredible! Greenville is the cutest city. They have done so much to the downtown area, it makes me ALMOST want to live there....except I'd miss the beach. Next year, the girls will head to A's house in Athens, GA because her little boy will be around 9 months old this time next year...she's due in Dec. Here is a pic of me, A, and J with her little one (C had already gone back to Richmond, VA) and a sweet pic of R from the shoot. It went by way too fast...can't wait for next year!!!

A, J and baby R, me


Brownie said...

Whoo hoo! Go Upstate!

Slacker Mama said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Looks like fun!

And you look great! Your hair is looking too cute!

I also see you're a fan of the green dresses ;)

marathon mom said...

Glad you had fun!!!!! Now you need to come back here for a girls weekend!!!!

Stephanie said...

Girls Weekend
Crab Benedict

Hmmm....sounds perfect!!!!!! Welcome back.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Glad you had fun, you all look GREAT! Love the dress.

The wife said...

Glad you had a great weekend in our corner of the state!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

L, you look fabulous!

Fishy Busyness said...

Y'all could not be looking any cuter!