Monday, December 3, 2007

Without further "a-do"



here's my new do! So here it is...sorry this is a *BAD* picture, but I took it myself. I decided to go for it and cut it all off. It looks kinda bad today because it's 75 and humid here-YUCK! Today I'm grateful for my flat-iron, because without it I would be a big ball of frizz. It looks longer than it is in the picture, but it stops at my chin.


suburban prep said...

Cute do.
Can't live without my flatiron.

E said...

LOVE it! you look so modern and sassy! it's so cute- what a great change!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Very cute! Ditto on the flat iron. I am thinking of going shorter too at my appt. on Dec. 14th!

slacker mama said...

*Love* it! Yay for taking the plunge. I highly recommend the Goody Stay Put line of elastics for pulling it off your face on your runs -- they have a headband that's like a 1/2 inch wide that's awesome!

Jenn said...

Yea! Have Dan take another picture so I can get the full bob effect. I was talking about your beautiful hair the other day. It is the most gorgeous color.

As a naturally curly person living in Houston, I've actually taken to only washing my hair once a week or so and the other days, wetting it and rubbing conditioner through it. It actually keeps some nice curls without the frizz.

Isn't this weather crazy though? 76 yesterday, 41 today, 70 Wednesday, then cold on Thursday and hot again on Friday.