Saturday, December 8, 2007

100th post and a Santa Spotting

Today Santa came to our neighborhood clubhouse. I'm grateful today that we have such a child-friendly neighborhood and didn't have to wait in long lines to see Santa and buy a picture that we may or may not like. With this Santa, you take your own picture! I'm also grateful that it's my 100th post...who would've thought? I'm loving this blog and sharing my life with friends and family and other bloggers. It keeps me fresh with computer skills and one day the boys will get to read all about it!


Jenn said...

My mom's neighborhood has a number to call to book the big man to come visit your home.

I'm hoping to avoid the mall all together this year.

slacker mama said...

Would it be bad to tell everyone that you tried to go see Santa, but your kids were scared to death of him and that's why you have no photographic evidence...when in reality you never even stepped foot in a mall to try and see him because the mere thought of attempting it absolutely exhausts you?

Not that I've considered that or anything...