Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside...NOT!

I feel really bad for the people in the midwest and northeast suffering with all of that cold, icy, snowy weather....really I do. I was always so terrified to drive in that stuff when we lived in the D.C. area (and we didn't get it too much). Meanwhile, it's a balmy 82 degrees here today...I wish I could shave some degrees off and send them to the cold areas. So, in order to stay cool in mid-December I've discovered a new favorite thing. I first heard about this company on The Apprentice a few years ago and then Oprah had it on her favorite things list this year....Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbetto is absolutely delightful and it's 98 calories and 0 fat grams in a 1/2 cup serving. I'm loving this stuff and I feel refreshed eating it. If you haven't tried Blood Oranges, they are the bomb. So, until the mercury goes down a little, I'll be enjoying my sorbetto in December. My husband told me the high is supposed to be 56 on Monday-I say bring it on. I guess today I'm grateful that it is warm here and not icy or snowy. Because Charleston is actually on a peninsula, we have tons of bridges here-that would not be a good situation with ice and snow.

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Serah said...

Sitting up here in Greenville, where it was 77F yesterday, I feel your pain!

I just found your blog recently and I'm enjoying it so much! I love reading about fellow South Carolina girls. Merry Christmas!