Sunday, December 2, 2007

Party Like It's 1999...

We had a great time at the party last night. The fried green tomatoes and the mini-lamb chops were amazing. I think I had one too many Cosmo's (open bar, cheesy drink I know, but with the choices of liquors and mixers, it was all I could think of)...but that is either here nor there. They also had a banana's foster and creme brulee station-which was AH-MAZING! They gave out door prizes and we won a wireless mouse, which was nice. (Wish I would've won the massage from Urban Nirvana...)

Afterwards, several people went to a bar to dance...umm, it was fun until...well, I'll get to that later. The wives all danced to cheesy 90's music, think Radiohead, Counting Crows...while the husbands stood around and chatted. Anyway, it was about time to go and we were saying our good-byes when all of a sudden I got groped by a 60 year old (think former stripper looking) woman-yes GROPED and yes was definitely time to go!

It was fun to get dressed up and go out, but today I'm grateful for being married and NOT having to work the scene at clubs...glad those days are long over!

Oh and I did go for the plunge with the hair....I'll post pics tomorrow!

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