Thursday, October 11, 2007

Truly a classic!

Today as I was cleaning out my bedside table, I found my old Ray Ban Classic Aviators from HIGH SCHOOL. They are truly a classic! I can't believe I saved them after all these years-now they are back in style, or were they ever out of style? As I was watching the Hills the other day, I saw that my girl "LO" was sporting these and they looked pretty good on her. I remember thinking, I wish I hadn't thrown mine away...little did I know they were tucked away in my bedside table. I feel like I found a treasure, and they are still in mint condition. It really made me feel old when I realized that they were about 17 years old-almost antique standard....YIKES!

Well gotta run, the boys are napping-that means laundry to fold, brownies to make for a neighbor, and Gossip Girl to catch up on. I know, I know but I LOVE it!


slacker mama said...

Did you try them on? Have you seen how the old school Ray-bans that are plastic and square are showing up on celebs these days. That and the pegged jeans showing up in the J. Crew catalog goes to show that pretty much every trend we lived through in our youth will eventually be hip again.

Fingers crossed that the baggy grunge look I lived in thoughout high school and college will return when MY girls are that they won't be wearing that skimpy Forever 21 crap!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

You simply have to wear them today! :)