Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He's created a monster

Harrison, as some of you know, loves trucks and cars-as most boys do! Daddy and Harrison love playing cars together. Harrison has a ton of matchbox cars, so Daddy has started teaching Harrison the makes and models of different cars. For example, "Harrison, this is a Hummer or this is a Porsche" get the drift. Harrison has gotten quite good at naming his different matchbox cars. Last night while I was getting dinner ready, Harrison was sitting at the kitchen table. I watched him run to the window, thinking he'd seen a dog or someone walking by-he had the biggest grin on his face..

"Harrison, what did you just see outside?"
"Oh, mommy it was a Mercedes!"
(as he grinned ear to ear)
I was thinking it was just some random car.
Then I look out the window, and sure
enough it was a convertible Mercedes,
just like his matchbox one!
My friend told me that on the way to school the other day, Harrison saw a Hummer drive by and pointed out that he saw a Hummer. I think Daddy has created a little monster...


Jenn said...

Jake's good at this too. Except Hummer's are called "beach trucks" because Papa Joe found a matchbox version in the sand and saved it for him. My friend's son is the best though. She can tell a great story about going through airport security and having to scan his cars. The security guard was quizzing him about the models as he became more and more anxious to get his cars back. His favorite is the mini cooper - he has a ride on one and his grandpa has the real deal.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Such a cute story. At least they are still playing with cars and not thier "parts" yet...look forward to it, times 3.