Sunday, August 12, 2007

Betty Crocker...

I felt a little like Betty Crocker today-it was fun. After church, we had our lovely neighbors over for brunch. The menu consisted of bloody mary's, crepes filled with chicken, fresh mozzarella, spinach and mushrooms-as well as crepes with Nutella and strawberries. The Nutella crepes were heavenly. I had actually never MADE crepes before, so it was an experiment. I purchased the crepe mix that Charleston Crepe Company sells. It ended up being a whole lot easier than I thought, just time consuming to make the crepes. We sat around talking while Harrison and their little girl played for a while-then it was nap time! (The twins were already napping).

After the neighbors left, it was time for me to make Daddy's birthday cake-the layered strawberry cake from Southern Living. It seems pretty easy, but the cake stuck to the pan, even though I greased them....ugh...I'm definitely not a baker. However the whipped cream topping became the glue that kept the cakes together, so under the icing, it looks fine. After cleaning up all those pans, then it was time to make these cupcakes for a playgroup party at the park tomorrow. I had a sample, and it was really good. All kids need a special treat sometimes-they are rich, rich, rich!

So, now I'm tired! I love spending time in the kitchen, but all day was tough. Thank goodness Dan and I are headed out for his birthday dinner tomorrow night (while my lovely neighbor stays with the kids-they will already be in bed) so I don't have to cook. More details on Dan's b-day tomorrow!

Happy Half-Birthday Brady and Jack! Mommy, Daddy and Harrison love you so much!

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