Friday, January 25, 2008

Who knew it would be this easy?

This week is definitely one for the record books. It looks like the boys are on their way to recovery-wow! Thank goodness. However, one good thing has come out of this stomach bug-no more bottles. Zip-zilcho-nada! I was hoping to wean then from their bottles when they turned 1, which is about 2.5 weeks away. I was dreading this, considering they have had them since they were born, unlike Harrison, who wouldn't take a bottle to save his life. I figured I would have my hands full weaning 2 babies from a bottle. Well, with the stomach bug, the doctor recommended to lay off the formula. Because they wouldn't take pedialyte, propel or water from the bottle, we gave them all liquids via sippy cup. Today was the first day I reintroduced formula, but offered via sippy also. Dan didn't think it would go well, but I handed Brady his sippy cup of formula this morning and he downed 6 oz as fast as he could. Jack didn't quite finish his, but he is still gaining his appetite back. Now I can check off that...all I need is to wean from formula to whole milk....maybe it will be as easy as this!

Oh, and there were tons of "cougars" at the bar of the restaurant last night. There were two of them primping when I went to the restroom-it was really quite a site! AND, the female C-17 pilot from Charleston that tried out for American Idol but didn't make it, was performing there. I didn't think she was that great. The food was AWESOME, especially dessert-I had something called "Sugar and Spice"-homemade warm cinnamon doughnut holes dipped in a Dulce de Leche sauce-YUM!

Happy Friday everyone!


Heather at Grace303 said...

That is a good side effect of the awful illness, to get rid of the bottles. Impressive. And your dessert? Yum! That sounds sooo good.

Jenn said...

Hurray! So nice not to have to clean all those bottles. I don't remember the kiddos noticing the difference between milk and formula. Hopefully all will go well.

slacker mama said...

Neither A or E had a problem switching from formula to whole milk. If anything, they liked whole milk more than formula. Because whole milk is creamy deliciousness and if formula tastes anything like it smells...then it tastes like nasty feet!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Glad you had fun last night!

Awesome news on the sippy cup too. You found your silver lining in the events of earlier this week. :)