Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Last night's Halloween party was a lot of fun. It was nice that we could just walk on over to our neighbor's house. I was a 20's flapper girl and Dan was a prisoner from Prohibition. He looked pretty cute, but I haven't loaded the picture yet. My neighbor already loaded hers onto her Facebook page, so here is one from last night's festivities. My neighbors were dressed as 'rednecks'! Of course, morning came pretty early when I realized I had to run the 15 miles I was supposed to run the day before (it rained the day before). It was a LONG run! But I did it and will be paying tomorrow I guess. There were so many times I wanted to stop, but I pushed myself. I realized afterwards that if I can run 15 miles on little sleep then I can surely do this marathon in December.

We had a nice visit with Dan's family this weekend! It was great to see them and watch all the kids together, all 5 of them played their little hearts out. Harrison loves having visitors. When they all left, he said, "who's coming next?"

We took the boys to a Children's festival in our neighborhood and then I hit the beach for a photo shoot! The weather has finally cooled off, which makes it feel more like fall.

After a very busy weekend, I'm off to bed....


Slacker Mama said...

You look great and your friends might look a little *too* realistic!

Adcock Circus said...

Just found your blog - adorable children! Looks like a great halloween!