Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's on your list?

I am definitely a list-maker. I love making them and crossing them out when I'm done. If only I could figure out how to cross things out on the computer (Slacker Mama-could you tell me the secret?). After my sister died, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during my lifetime. I wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it in my sock drawer-it's been there for almost 10 years now. Every year on my birthday, I get it out and read it, and cross off the things I have accomplished and add new things. My birthday is next week so I can't wait to get it out and read it! Here are some of the things on my list-remember, I was 23 when I wrote it...

1) Become a mom
2) Always be in love with Dan
3) Live in the moment
4) Be healthy-exercise and eat whole foods
5) Travel more often-go to Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Germany
6) Ride in a hot air balloon
7) Love my job
8) Run a marathon

Here are some things I have added in the last couple of years...
9) Be content with what I have-count my blessings!
10) Raise my boys to respect women
11) Start a photography business
12) More date nights with Dan
13) Feed my family nutritious and wholesome meals
14) Do my part to protect our Earth
15) Journal more-(does blogging count?)
16) Have a house on the beach...a girl can dream, right?
17) Eventually run the Boston Marathon (not my first one!)
18) Put together a cookbook of gourmet meals
19) Always remember-Life.Is.Good.

Hot air balloon, you ask? I don't know why-I just do. Since Dan doesn't like heights, I may be doing this one solo!!! So as you can see, some I've done, some I'm always working on and others may happen in the this is my list. It's pretty random and ALWAYS growing. What kinds of things do you have on yours?


Slacker Mama said...

The HTML tag is "strike" - That's how you cross things off your list.

You really had the forethought to put eat whole foods on your list at 23?!?! Geez...I think I started focusing on that when I was 33...

Serah said...

I'm a list-maker, too! I have a daily to-do list at work, one for home, a running grocery list, running Christmas list (don't even ask!) and a running list for the year in general. I think I need a life list now, too!

Brownie said...

I learned to make a "daily list" from my boss lady on the farm. She rules. But I have yet to make a "life list." I have "Star on Saturday Night Live" and then I get stuck. Also, I got my hair cut today. Two inches. So NOT Crystal Gale anymore, and layered around my face. My neighbors called it "sexy hair." Score. (If you knew me, you'd be happy for me, I'm usually the "funny sidekick" type...) Anyway...I better get crackin' on my list. You have a great blog, by the way!