Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy little bees....

For some reason, having 3 kids seems really busy right now, busier than it's ever been. With preschool, swimming lessons, play dates, play groups-I feel so rushed all the time! I think it's hitting me that I really have 3 kids. I know the older they get, the busier it gets. We had a great weekend though. I worked the MOMS club consignment sale in the morning and Dan did yard work and powerwashed the front and back porch while I was on kid duty.

We went to a neighbor's house for a block party Sat night-it was fun watching all the kids run around and catch up with neighbors too. We were all exhausted after we walked home!

Sunday morning I got up super early for a 5 mile run. I finished my best time ever-39:55 at a pace of 8:04!! I felt good about that! However, the long runs will be starting soon. I'm doing 7 this weekend and then it's all uphill from there.

Not too much else to report...oh, the pool opens tomorrow and the high is only supposed to be 59! Spring, where are you?


Deep in the Heart said...

It was 45 here this morning! Our pools don't open until May, but I'm guessing the water won't be quite warm enough for me to dive in.

I agree with the business factor - at least the way it hits you every so often, then you get *acclimated* and move on to the next phase.

So glad you have a great neighborhood. We seem to have found that as well and it feels like every time we step outside we get to say hello, or send the kids over to play. We're headed to a surprise party for our neighbor on Wednesday night. Can't believe we were house hunting a year ago!

The Mrs. said...

I;m still stuck on the 5 mile run! Amazing!

slacker mama said...

I hear you on the busy-ness. Luckily my job is computer-based, which allows me to blog at will!

Can't believe your pools are open already! I need to move further south!

magnolia mama said...

Congrats on your run. I ran 6 on Saturday in San Diego. It was awesome. I wish I lived in a warm and sunny place.

marathon mom said...

I am crazy with two- I need to prepare for 3!!!!! I am jealous about your pool opening. We open Memorial Day, but it isn't always warm enough yet. I need to live in a big bubble with a heat lamp and I would be so much happier!