Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alive and Well!

Of course Saturday turned out to be a perfect day weather-wise! Oh well, we decided to drive over to the beach and eat at a restaurant right on the beach with great views. After lunch, Dan and Harrison went to the movies. We wanted to treat him to special things, since his party was canceled!! They saw "Space Chimp". Dan's opinion was "not that great". I think Harrison just enjoyed watching it on the big screen.

Hanna did not end up being quite the storm they thought, but that's OK! I've been through Hurricane Hugo 19 years ago and I will never, ever forget that storm. I'll take a wimpy storm like Hanna anyday over a hurricane.


twobooboos said...

We were bummed it was canceled. Lukas has a present for him. We will drop it off this week. Hope to see you soon!

Surf Girl said...

That's too bad his party had to be canceled. Looks like he had a good day though! We are in NC and I was glad the storm fizzled out too. :)