Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe I'm a little crazy...

So this morning my girlfriend and I took her little girl and my 3 boys to the Children's museum and out to lunch afterwards. Brady and Jack do very well hanging out in the stroller in the museum until we get to the play room. Then I take them out to crawl around and they love it. I don't know what I'll do when Harrison is obviously too old for that room...but that's for another day. We then took the kids (and ourselves) out to lunch at Five Loaves. It was so good, but I couldn't help but feel the stares as we were eating. The kids were very well-behaved, as well-behaved as could be with busy little hands...but people love to watch us in action. I guess I'm getting used to it, one lady even asked as I was leaving.."why do you do this to yourself?" I said, "I guess I'm just a little crazy"... But really, I do it because my kids need to be taught how to eat in a restaurant and behave in public. I do it because I need a lunch out every now and then. I do it to feel normal and socialize with my friends and to teach my boys to be little "gentlemen".

In other news, we may be planning a little weekend to Vegas soon. Just some tentative planning in the works. Dan has been a couple of times for work, I just want to go for my birthday....just to go. Maybe see a show and eat some good food. This is where I'd like to stay....The Venetian. I know some of you have recently gone. Any suggestions?


Feener said...

i just got back from vegas and i would highly recommend staying at the venetian. i stayed at the mgm grand. On our shopping and sight seeing, the 2 hotels that i thought were the nicest were Paris and the Venetian.

there are so many choices for dinner - too many. honestly - i think there is so much you can not go wrong.
shows, we didn't see one, but i heard the cirque de soliel shows are good.

have fun

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Never been to Vegas, so I am not sure on that one.

As for taking the kids out, I am all for kids learning how to act normal and mannerly in public places like restaurants. I think some people are afraid they will be embarassed by them and so they never take them and then years later when they do the kids act horrible and they wonder why.

That rude lady is probably the one who never took her kids anywhere and is jealous of "how you do it" instead of "why you do it"!

marathon mom said...

Vegas sounds fun- never been though!!! You'd think in DC we'd have a childrens' museum- hopefully when the one downtown reopens it will be good. I take my two out for lunch and could not live without those times- reminds me that I am still human, and that kids can be good!!!

slacker mama said...

That's so funny about the stares. I mean, I'm sure it involves a little more planning and patience with twins instead of a singleton...but I think being cooped up day after day would be *way* worse.

As for Vegas, I only walked through the Venetian and thought it was a little cheesey with the gondolas and the fake sky inside. But, it's definitely in the "thick" of the strip which would be nice.

We didn't get to see a show but I would have *loved* to have seen Cirque du Soliel, especially O in MGM Grand. Both my parents and my ILs said it was amazing.

The food in Vegas is great...the only thing is that is seems to be the Vegas branch of a famous-elsewhere restaurant. Oh! There is a Mesa Grille in Caesars. I know you mentioned a crush on Bobby Flay when I went to you could do lunch or dinner there!

Amy said...

You know i love some Vegas! We have stayed at the Bellagio, which is super nice. We are staying at the Mirage in April when we go...Never stayed at the Venetian, but it is super cool to walk through :)

If you are looking for a great steak dinner, try Prime at the Bellagio. It was the best meal we had there last time...It is really nice and pricey, but worth it! Bouchon at the Venetian is also good...It is a French Bistro and is really tasty :)

For shows, I have seen O at the Bellagio, it is really cool...We are headed to see Love at the Mirage this time around...It is the cirque show with all of the beatles music!

I have found, no matter where you stay, you always have fun in Vegas, baby!

Deep in the Heart said...

We stayed at Paris several years ago which was fun - crepes any time you want - but I thought Bellagio was GORGEOUS. We saw O there and it was great. No amazing restaurant experiences when we were there, but I know there are a ton to choose from.

Krissylou said...

I think they look at you funny if you have boys. Girls..not so much. I get looks with my two also. I'm not sure if they are scared for me or just annoyed. hehe