Thursday, February 12, 2009

And now they are.....2!

Two years ago today our lives changed forever...and for the better. Brady William and Jackson Quinn entered this world 2 years ago today.

You are my mommy's boy. I see a lot of you in me. You like things in there place, you like to help clean up, you are a very good eater and you think a smile could brighten anyone's mood. You are so right! You are really tall and look exactly like your daddy. You love cars and trucks and COOKIES! You and Jack have learned that when we pull into the Whole Foods parking lot that if you start saying 'cookie' really loud that Mommy will think you are so cute and get you one. It works everytime! You are in love with your brothers "zarisson" and "dack" and call them by name all the time to get their attention. You bring Jack his 'taggie' when he is crying which tells me what a kind heart you have. I love being your Mommy and love you with all my heart! Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Brady!


Sweet little Jack! Although you are so small you have a very big heart. You are my active little man. You love to throw, catch or kick a ball...anytime or anywhere. You have so much energy, yet still like to be cuddled at night. You let me hold you or rock you anytime I want to. You love your 'taggie blanket' and I like the fact that it makes you feel so much better when you are hurting. You also love anything with wheels and especially love books about them. You are a comedian and love to make people laugh. Your favorite things are 'going bye bye' and 'going for a walk'. You love watching your big brother Harrison and want to be just like him. I love being your Mommy and love you with all my heart! Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Jack!


I can't believe 2 years has passed. I still remember when they looked like this...


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Oh. my. goodness. Even though I have never met them, I feel like I know them so well through your stories.

It was great talking with you this week. Enjoy celebrating their second birthdays!

Slacker Mama said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys!

And I'm trying to decide which sweetheart A should go after. On the one hand, she and Brady could bond over their mutual love of their mamas...on the other hand, she and Jack could compare notes on Taggies and loving their big sibling. It's really a tossup.

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! They are too cute!

Serah said...

How precious! Happy Birthday!